Persuasive Research Paper Writing Tips: How To Create A Solid Project

Okay, so the whole point of a persuasive research paper is to convince the reader of the point that you are attempting to make. In order to do this you are going to need to be able to back up your arguments to prove their validity which in turn means that your paper is going to need to be evidence based. This is not as problematic or as boring as it sounds. There is something incredibly cathartic and enriching to successfully convince a skeptical reader of your viewpoint.

Unlike with a lot of different assignments where you are able to skim and gloss over certain elements, you need to build a rock solid case in persuasive writing. So, just how do you create a solid, worthwhile project? Here’re my top tips:

Make sure you believe your own argument

There is no point attempting to write an entire research paper based on a flimsy argument. You will lose your credibility if you appear to be vague on the facts or unconvinced by your own case. If you are not 100% behind it, then move on and choose something else.

Don’t try to be controversial

Many students fall into the trap of assuming that they need to be controversial when coming up with their assignment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It is perfectly acceptable to choose a well-known argument – So long as you successfully make your case.

Back everything up with evidence

This is not the time to be making wild statements that you are unable to substantiate. Every single sentence that you right has to feed into the narrative; into the point that you are making. You need to be able to back everything up with evidence. To do that you need to be able to cite names, dates, places, sources. Your evidence has to be irrefutable and water tight. This is the best way to build a solid, reliable argument.

Only use reliable sources

It can be incredibly tempting to go out on a limb and use unverified sources in an attempt to stand out from the pack. My advice to you is don’t. Use only reliable, trustworthy sources and make sure that you properly cite, record and credit them. It will only take someone with an eagle eye to land you in hot water with the plagiarism police.

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