What To Know About The Main Sections Of An Academic Research Paper

Academic research papers are an essential requirement for anyone pursuing a college education. Know the formula or structure of this type of essay as vital information. Being able to use that information to structure the essay the way the examiner wants it to be structured is half the battle. The other half of course is your ability to research and write well while not forgetting your ability to edit at the end. It’s no good writing well if you don’t understand the various sections. And knowing the sections doesn’t help if you can,t research, write well and edit.

You need to look at the sections of your academic research paper as basically being in three parts.

  • the general overall view
  • the specific and detailed view
  • the review or summing up view

When it comes to the general or overall view, you are obviously dealing with the introduction. Yes you can be specific in stating your hypothesis and the process you will use throughout the writing of your paper. But it is a welcoming and general statement. You are welcoming the reader to your research paper and helping to build their expectations for all things good. You are explaining what is in your paper and how you will explain it. This is how you will tackle the subject.

The second section of course is where you get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are the main points you intend to make throughout your academic research paper and you will spell these out in fine detail. Obviously your writing will rely upon the research you've carried out beforehand. This is vital. Little or poor research handicaps your ability to write well. Excellent research sets you up for a terrific piece of writing. Here once you state a point you need to substantiate it with a fact or facts all of which come from your detailed research.

Finally the third section is your summing up of all your points in the form of the conclusion. And this plays just as important a role as do the two previous sections. Here you need to gel your thinking. Here you must bring together the points you have made previously and present them in a brief but effective summary. You are reminding the reader of everything that has gone before. Keep it simple and make it work for you.

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