Helpful Hints For Creating A Research Paper About Leukemia

Leukemia is a horrible disease that takes lives every year. It does not care what color, age, or gender you might be. If you are given a paper on the topic, you should be able to find an innovative topic. Use our helpful hints for creating you research paper about Leukemia.


  • Talk to doctors and researchers to find valid and credible statistics, data, surveys, case studies, and research references. Email and see if you can set up interviews. These are very busy people, so they may be more inclined to do an email interview with you rather than one in-person. This would be acceptable to use.
  • APA-consider that you will probably use APA formatting. If you are not familiar with the rules for APA formatting buy a handbook, or book mark a computer website that explains the process.
  • Statistics-you will need solid statistics in the paper, no matter the topic.
  • Science and Medical Databases-ask your local media specialist which database will have the most relevant materials for this term paper.
  • In text citations and reference sheet-since you will have research in this piece, you will need two very important items. It must have in text citations and it must have a reference sheet. The sheet will probably be a bibliography or a Works Cited. It may or may not be annotated. Annotations are simply brief descriptions of the source used and why you used it. These choices are the teacher’s call. If you do not have in text citations and a reference page in this composition, it will be considered that your piece was plagiarized. Remember this helpful hint, as it is very important.
  • People with Leukemia-it may be hard (physically and emotionally) to speak with people who have leukemia, but if you can do so then talk to them. Find out how it has changed their life, the symptoms, the medicines they take, and their outlook on the condition. This would be a powerful source for support.
  • Causes and research-see if you can explore what has caused this disease. Use academic and credible sources. Also look at the current research that is being conducted on leukemia. As you are creating this term paper, you would want to include these items.
  • Seek help-if at any time you get behind in your essay, seek help from your teacher, a peer, a tutor, or a writing company. And don't forget to do paper proofreading before giving your work to the professor.

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