The Main Difference Between An Academic Paper And Research Paper


A paper can be called academic paper if it is meant for academic purposes. Most of these papers are found in academic journals. They are peer reviewed. On the other hand, a research paper can also be considered as an academic paper depending on the purpose it will serve. However, these are two different things with different meanings all together.

  • An academic paper can be defined in many ways depending on how the individual understand it and the purpose it serves at that particular moment. There are three notions an individual need to know and understand before coming to a conclusion on how academic paper ought to look like. These notions include;
  • i) Academic papers are done by scholars for other scholars or learners.

  • As a learner, you will be occupied with exercises that those who are conducting the study have been occupied with for a considerable length of time: you will read about, consider, contend about, and expound on extraordinary thoughts. Obviously, being an analyst obliges that you read, think, contend, and write in specific ways. Your instruction will help you to comprehend the desires, traditions, and necessities of grant.
  • ii) Academic work is dedicated to topics and questions that are of interest to the academic community

  • When you make an academic paper, you should first attempt to locate a theme or a question that is applicable and fitting - to you, as well as to the scholarly group of which you are presently belong.

iii) An academic paper should present the person who reads with a well-versed argument.

On the other hand, an investigative paper is an essential source; it reports the strategies and results of a unique study performed by the writers. The sort of study may shift yet in all cases, crude information have been gathered and examined by the writers, and conclusions drained from the results of that investigation. Research follows the format below;

  • Introduction- this contains a brief review of the active fiction on the theme or the topic being investigated. The explanation of writer’s study is found in this part of the paper contrary to an academic paper.
  • Method- In this section, the author illustrates how they gathered and analyzed information.
  • Result- a section where the outcomes are explained and analysis of the information. Charts may be used to give clear results to the readers or targeted individuals.

Another important part of the research is where the writers explain the interpretation of the outcomes through discussion column that is in most cases not found in the academic papers

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