How To Benefit By Using An Example Of A Psychology Term Paper Abstract

If you’ve got a psychology term paper to write, you’ll need to include an abstract. Before you begin composing your abstract, it’s a great idea to find an example of one to study.

What is an abstract?

An abstract belongs at the beginning of your essay. It is simply a summary of the essay and lets others know what they can expect to find in your paper.

Why is it beneficial to look at examples?

It’s beneficial to study other abstracts to make sure you are getting it right. When looking at examples, pay attention to how they have managed to concisely summarize the main points. Look at the choice of words they have used and how well it encapsulates the essay it’s describing.

Find samples online.

You can find plenty of examples on the web, but be sure to study good examples. If you go on to educational, renowned and recognized websites, you are bound to find what you’re looking for. It might be worth looking on networking sites for advice on where to find the best samples, or asking your class friends or teacher if they’re able to recommend a certain site.

Find samples in the library.

You will also be able to find samples of psychology paper abstracts in campus libraries. Have a look through past student essays to see how they have tackled abstracts. If you don’t know where to find these, then simply ask your librarian.

Look elsewhere.

It might also help to find more professional advice on how to construct a good abstract. There will be plenty of books and magazine articles that include this information. Again, you’ll be able to find plenty in the library, and if you don’t know where to find them, just ask your librarian. It might even be worth investing in purchasing a ‘how to’ book.

Composing the abstract.

When composing your abstract, bear in mind what you have learnt from studying the examples. A good psychology paper abstract will introduce the main topic and state the specific area your essay will be exploring. Say what your aims and objectives are and what you hope to achieve. Briefly mention the research you have performed and summarize the contents of your body text (the chapters). End by summarizing what conclusions you hope to arrive at.

Write it last!

It’s always best to write an abstract last. Once you have written your essay, you will know exactly what is contained therein. Therefore it will be a lot easier to convey the key points in your abstract.

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