Guidelines For Good Research Paper Writing

As you go through higher levels of education or college, preparation of good research papers is a must. These papers are mostly for the purpose of exploring and identifying various technical, scientific and social issues. If you have been asked to write such paper for the first time, it might seem like a daunting task but with guidelines on how to go about it, you will see that it is easier than you ever imagined. Listed below are 10 guidelines to help you. They are:

  • Ask and answer important questions: It is true that choosing a topic is the first step in writing your paper but before you do that, it is necessary that you ask yourself a few important questions. Based on the answers you give to yourself, you can then move on to the next phase. You may have chosen a topic you like but pause and ask yourself: Is there enough available research on my chosen topic? Is it a topic I can give a new angle to, especially if it is an old topic that has been treated by other people? Is the topic related to my potential occupation or course? The answers you give will determine whether to dump the topic or go ahead with it.
  • Choose a topic you love: Over time, it has been proven that when people write on a topic they enjoy, the end product is always a success. The same thing applies to choosing a topic for your paper. Go with something you are passionate about and you won’t have any difficulties in completing and submitting the finished research paper.
  • Make it unique: Just as outlined above, there are instances when you have to write on a topic that other students have already written on or have chosen to write. If it is a topic you enjoy and want to stick to, all you have to do is make it unique. Approach the topic from a different angle and include interesting facts that the previous writers might have omitted.
  • Opt for empirical research: This refers to those books and articles written by experts in your chosen field of interest, especially those whose works have been read and rated high by other experts in that same field of study. You can get them online.
  • Don’t skip academic databases: These databases are dedicated to keeping helpful records of thousands of peer-reviewed and scientifically published books, magazines and journals. Go for the ones that cover your chosen topic.

The remaining guidelines that will make it easier for you to write a good research paper include the following:

  • Feel free to change your topic if necessary
  • Utilize the web
  • Get creative
  • Determine your audience
  • Annotate your research

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