How To Write A Research Paper Outline With Quotes: Vital Advice

Are you worried because you want to come with an expanded outline for your research paper? Do you think it is difficult because you are only familiar with the basic outline structure? Do you realize the importance of using quotes and evidence in your research? Are you confused in choosing the right quotes and data to include in your outline? Do you want to compose and plan a great road map for your paper so that you can reduce your time and efforts? Do you think it would be easier if someone else created the outline for you?

It is quite natural for you to think of all these questions if you are to write a research paper outline with quotes and evidence. Students are comfortable in creating basic outlines because they have been doing it since early grades. A basic outline only talks about the major sections and divisions of your paper and does not give any detail about the quotes and references to use in the paper. An extended outline is different because you need to enter the content in a brief manner that you will include in each body paragraph or to prove your major arguments.

If you are having a hard time in coming up with the right extended outline for your research paper, then you need to follow the suggestions below

  1. Search the internet to find good examples of research paper quotes relevant to your subject. You can use a standard outline for such assignments and change it according to your subject and scope of work
  2. Read expert written outline examples with quotes to get a sense of how to format and structure one. You can filter out different outlines from the internet, library and your seniors and choose one that suits you the best
  3. Carry out research and find relevant data to include in your outline. It is important to remember that your research methods will reduce your efforts if you choose them right
  4. Arrange the quotes and evidence in a logical order so that it is easier for your readers to get a sense of your writing and overall flow of the paper
  5. Keep a track of all the quotes you include in your paper so that you can cite them later
  6. Write your extended outline
  7. Compare and revise

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