Inspiring Research Paper Topics About Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular faces on the entertainment industry. She is also a philanthropist who participates in quite a few charitable functions. This has made her one of the most loved person in the country and beyond. It is no wonder that a person like her inspires love and devotion no matter where she goes. Writing a research paper on her will be a commendable job because of her dynamic personality and many fields she excels in.

Selecting a different approach

When you write an essay your main aim should be to enjoy writing. But as student your essay should also be able to get you good grades and laurels. If you wish to write your research paper on Oprah Winfrey you will have to select one specific aspect about her or make it an unconventional approach so that your paper is interesting to read. Only an interesting paper with good writing style can impress the professor and fetch you better grades.

Getting all the information

To finalize on a specific topic you will have to study more about Oprah. You will have to go through both her professional life and how she is as a person. In addition you will have to know all about her milestone achievements and how she started out her career. All the major decisions she has taken and how these have rewarded her in her life. There are also other details about her and her work that you will have to read up on. All this is easily accessible through the internet. You can watch some of her shows if you have not already. They will help you gain a better insight in to her style and way she carries herself. She also has accounts on social networking sites which will help you gain more in depth knowledge about her personal life and how she leads her life even when she is a public figure.

List of some of the interesting topic you can work on:

  • What sets her talk show from the rest? Or the reason behind the unprecedented success of the now famous Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • How did Oprah become the first African American woman billionaire? What does it speak about woman empowerment or rising above racial prejudice?
  • How has Oprah’s philanthropic contribution helped the lives of many an American?

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