7 Things To Know About The Standard Format For A Term Paper

A term paper is a critical academic task that students write during their academic careers. If you are to create a winning paper, you should keep in mind that this paper requires analytical thinking, evaluation, data collection and analysis, planning your research methodology, gathering relevant and valid data from authenticated sources, choosing a potential niche and using a proper format. You would note that different teachers have different requirements for the format of your assignment. Some of them would want you to create a paper following standard MLA or APA format while others might give you custom requirements. If you are to create a strong term paper and want to know the basic structure, then you should keep the following things in your mind

Generally, all style manuals and formats would encourage maximum readability so they would prefer clear fonts that are easily distinct in regular, italics and bold. The font size is going to be around 10 to 12 points and in most cases you will double space the paper for better presentation and notes. This is a general approach to the format and may change with different styles and specifications

Here are seven things to know about the standard format of a term paper

  1. The thesis statement
  2. The first thing is your thesis statement that you need to determine and identify. You may name it the research question as well but it is basically the extract of your assignments

  3. The observations you make
  4. You will need to check and read your observations in order to analyze the data you will collect for your paper and make sure they are relevant

  5. The research and instructions from the supervisor
  6. While finalizing your data and research, you should clearly keep the instructions from your supervisor in your mind

  7. Introduction
  8. The introduction will take about 15 to 20 percent of your overall assignment writing and is the first official chapter of your paper. You can present your paper to the audience in the introduction in an engaging manner so that they are interested to read the rest of your paper

  9. Early practices
  10. Write down the questions you will be addressing in your paper and how you will achieve in answering them successfully. You should also explain why other authors have failed to address them properly

  11. Methodology
  12. Explain the process of your data collection and analysis in this chapter. You can make further sub headings and headings here

  13. Conclusion
  14. A precise summary of whatever you have done and achieved through your work

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