A List Of Powerful Philosophy Term Paper Writing Ideas For High School

If you are in high school and you are tasked with creating a philosophy term paper there are many potential topics available for you. But the first thing you want to do when selecting any topic is to review your classroom notes as well as the textbooks and other literature you have covered in the course of your class. Because the final product is intended for one specific teacher chances are you will be able to gain a great deal of potential ideas by looking over the notes you have taken in class and reviewing all of the different text books and literature you have been required to read. Look over notes for items that you wanted to learn more about or further explore but perhaps you were not given the opportunity. Things that you are already familiar with and have passion for make for the best potential topics because they allow you the opportunity to really showcase what you know.

If you're searching for a list of term paper ideas consider the following examples but remember that these are popular topics and within each of these broad topics you can narrow down a variety of additional ideas for your particular situation:

  • Explore 19th-century philosophy ideas
  • Review different philosophy ideas from the 20th-century
  • Explore ancient philosophy
  • Review Asian philosophy
  • Craft something which focuses on British philosophy
  • Craft something which focuses on Christian philosophy
  • Review different aspects to Christian versus Buddhist philosophies
  • Review different aspects of Chinese philosophy
  • Review Medieval thoughts
  • Explore modern philosophy for your paper
  • Explore metaphysics
  • Explore logical positivism
  • Review Japanese philosophy for your paper
  • Explore Islamic philosophy
  • Explored aspects to Japanese versus Chinese philosophies
  • Review Eastern philosophies versus western philosophies
  • Explore deconstruction for your paper
  • Explore environmental ethics
  • Craft a paper on the philosophy of law
  • Craft a paper on the philosophy of love for your paper
  • Craft a paper on the philosophy of religion
  • Produce a paper on the philosophy of sports
  • Review the philosophy of education for your paper
  • Explore pragmatism
  • Explore the idea freedom
  • Review queer theory for your paper
  • Review existentialism
  • Explore Taoism
  • Explore free will and the idea of determination
  • Exploring good versus evil for your paper
  • Review the ideas of structuralism
  • Consider delving into feminist philosophy
  • Explore the Vienna Circle for your paper
  • Review the history of philosophy
  • Explore women's studies
  • Explore the concepts related to Zen for your paper

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