A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics Related To Computer Science

If you are searching for an interesting research paper topics related to computer science consider the following ideas as potential topics:

  • Consider reviewing technology and the military
  • Consider whether technology can be used to change the world in the future and what ways people might be able to use it
  • Review whether or not digital reading is changing the way the brain functions
  • Review the extent to which the development of new technologies has a negative impact
  • Explore whether videogames can actually make the world a better place
  • Explore whether there is a solution to the current problem of technology changing at such a rapid pace that the newest computer programs and software typically come with glitches and bugs for which patches must be just reviewed it at a later date
  • Review the ways in which social interactions with other people influence interactions with machines
  • Review the implications of increasing globalization thanks to technology and what impact this has on the global economy
  • Consider how a child under the age of 12 growing up today experiences the world in a different way compared to college aged students today
  • Explore what you think is the most important new technology in terms of solving some of the main problems in the world
  • Review the long-term effects of technological living and whether these are positive or negative
  • Explain whether the Internet should be controlled or censored better and if it should then to what extent
  • Review the ways in which digital learning has currently changed education in school
  • Explore the different ways in which technology may change over the course of the next 20 years
  • Review whether countries should all have equal access to the newest technological developments
  • Review how digital tools can contribute to less productivity in the workplace
  • Review whether the Chinese government will be able to continue to control the access their citizens have to the Internet and social media
  • Review the idea of cars which drives themselves and explore whether or not this is a safe idea

Remember that once you have a topic, you must begin your research phase. When you begin your research phase it is important that you bring with you intensive writing materials. This should not only include pens and papers but it should include multiple notecards on which to write down your findings.

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