Helpful Suggestions On Writing A Research Paper On Literature

Literature is a science, an artful science. Handle it as such, and you will be golden.

We have composed a helpful list of a few short tips that should help you shine, and make your research paper on literature shine by proxy:

  1. The present tense is the right tense: A few important things to remember about literature is that literature does not get old, literature does not age, and literature never dies. So, any good writer worth his or her mettle knows not to write in any tense but the present tense while working with literature. Whenever a reader reads a book, or its review, for the reader the events are happening as he or she is reading. The fact that the book was written in Victorian England, and the review of the book was written during the Industrial Revolution will hold no bearing for the reader. Tom Sawyer was not making quips, Tom Sawyer is still making quips. Tom Sawyer will never die.
  2. Its not about you, me or I: A golden rule of writing research papers is disassociation of the writer of the researcher or the reviewer from the subject matter. What you feel does not matter, what I feel does not matter, what is about me is not about you, we do not say anything, it does not mean anything to us. The sky is blue is incorrect, while the narrator says that they sky is blue is correct. Remember this, always.
  3. Do not just give a paraphrased synopsis: While you are not supposed to refer to the subject matter in first person, you are supposed to give what may seem to you to be your objective opinions about the subject matter. The purpose of a research paper or an academic review is not to give the reader a summary, but an in-depth investigation of the subtleties of what the plot is, and the various interwoven tangles of story lines. Be original.
  4. Refer to the text, but don’t just make it about the text: Yes, you are supposed to give remarks about excerpts from the text and try and explain things about the text from you own cognition. You are, however, not supposed to just quote the text. The purpose of a research paper is to research, so look up what others feel about what you have in question, analyze, investigate and present.

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