A Collection Of Captivating Research Paper Topics On WWI

Whether you are a history connoisseur or a student forced into a history class, you will more than likely end up encountering a research paper that asks you to write on one of the two World Wars. At first glance, this seems to be a played out topic, but you can put your own unique twists on interesting topics from the pool of information and events that was World War I. Below, you will find some helpful topics and starting point questions for each as you begin your journey to showing off your knowledge of history!

Trench Warfare

  • Topic: Life in the trenches of the Western Front. What was life like? What did the soldiers eat? How did the trenches affect the war? Who was positioned where and why were they positioned there? What lasting mental trauma came from life in the trenches?
  • Topic: Weaponry in the trenches. Apart from standard issue guns, what weaponry was included in the trenches? How did the armies prevent attacks from their opposition? Were weapons developed specifically to drive the opposition out of their trenches?


  • Topic: The Eastern Front. How was the battle on the Eastern Front different than on the Western Front? What was Russia’s strategy? Who controlled that strategy? Were the Russians equipped to be fighting a World War at the time?
  • Topic: Russia exits the war. What was happening internally that drew Russia out of the war? Did that have any impact on the Triple Entente? Was their exit influential on the war at all or was the war basically over when they pulled out?


  • Topic: The formation of the Triple Alliance. What was the purpose of this alliance? Who orchestrated it and did they have any motives? When did the alliance initially form? What was an underlying cause of the formation of the Triple Alliance?
  • Germany during the war. What was the German strategy during World War I? Had they planned on an endurance war or a quick war? Did Germans want to be in the war? What was life like in Germany while the war was unfolding?

Of course, these are just a sampling of the many intriguing topics you could find on World War I. If you are struggling to find a starting point for your research or for your essay, a simple internet search of World War I will provide many different topics for your thesis or dissertation. It may even be a good idea to look over previous dissertations to see if you can provide an alternative angle to that writer’s stance.

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