Great Suggestions On How To Get A Research Paper Example For Free

Part of writing a good research paper is by exposure to other papers written in your field of study. The reasons for this search are of course varied. You will definitely need to look at other studies in the course of literature review. You may want to see other published studies to get guidance on how to write certain sections of the paper. Sometimes, you may even need to review them while brainstorming for an idea for your own study. However, you may have trouble finding free examples of studies done in the past to aid your purpose. Here are some suggestions to help you get your hands (or eyes) on free and published research papers.

  • The University
  • Your university keeps hard copies of all researches done under its banner, both by the students and its professors. The copies are all available for free at the university library or upon request from the faculty. Make sure to research the titles you may be interested in before beginning the actual search. Knowing the title, author and year of publication will make your search a lot easier.

  • Tutorial websites
  • There are many websites on the internet offering tips on how to write a research paper. Some include excerpts of studies that are already published while others have their own repository of researches they consider ideally structured and written. Browsing such websites will provide a wealth of work that you can use.

  • Government and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Organizations engaged in public welfare conduct various studies and publish them so that they may be available to the public. You could approach such an organization or search its website to find relevant studies and publications that are usually free of charge.

  • Professional journals and periodicals
  • Professional papers are mostly published in journals and other periodicals. Professional bodies such as universities subscribe to many such journals for their libraries. These resources are available free of charge to students. Your university may even be connected to online libraries of the journals, accessible for free within the school network. Public welfare organizations may also have subscriptions to these publications and offer them to the public for free.

  • Freelance writing websites
  • Freelance writing websites host many professional writers looking to be hired for writing projects. The niche of academic writing features many writers who offer free samples of their work on their profiles as part of the portfolio. Once you reach one of these websites, you may browse around and locate a couple of writers with these free work samples on their profiles. You can view the sample even when you don’t intend to hire the writer.

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