The Top 40 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics In Biology

Here is a list of interesting topics that you can use for a research paper in biology

  1. The relationship between digestive system and eating fruits and vegetables
  2. Is being a vegetarian a healthy approach towards food
  3. What is the reason for increasing obesity rates in the modern world
  4. More people die in America of obesity than of hunger or starvation
  5. An insight to the life of a kangaroo
  6. The geographic and demographic factors in determining the existence of certain species
  7. The theory of Darwin about survival of the fittest, how reliable is it
  8. The signs of life on Mars, will this be a new branch in biology
  9. What is the cause for increasing AIDS and polio cases even after proper treatment and vaccination
  10. What steps should the government take to educate teens about safe sex and the right values of sex
  11. What are the effects of an abortion on the physical health of the mother
  12. What are the effects of an abortion on the mental state of the mother
  13. What is the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage and the mental
  14. affiliations on the female
  15. Should women take contraceptive pills as a prevention method? How does it affect breastfeeding or future pregnancies
  16. The advancements of technology in genetic engineering will have huge impact in a biological revolution
  17. Why certain species like pandas and white tigers are endangered or why they get extinct
  18. What can we do to protect endangered species in aquatic and marine life
  19. Is a natural habitat the best place to survive or can animals survive better in an artificial habitat
  20. How does the ecosystem work in a perfect balance
  21. The meiosis
  22. The mitosis
  23. Asexual reproduction and its examples
  24. Sexual reproduction and its examples
  25. The case of bipolar twins
  26. Pregnancy and smoking weed in Nigeria
  27. Heart and organic foods
  28. Fruits vs meat
  29. Vegetables vs chicken
  30. Junk vs organic food
  31. Weight loss and fitness
  32. Athletes foot and its treatment
  33. Why does smoking cause cancer
  34. Why is there no cure for cancer as for now
  35. The hepatitis and its types
  36. Vitamins and minerals
  37. Radar system in blind dolphins
  38. Circulatory system
  39. Function of brain in insects
  40. The function of retina
  41. Ear fluids and balancing

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