Writing A Research Paper Introduction In The APA Style: Tips And Examples

The first paragraph in your introduction following the APA style introduces the problem you will talk about in the rest of your paper. You need to define why you are writing this paper and you should highlight the larger significance of the problem you will solve in your paper. This should show why your problem or theme is important for your readers to read or understand.

The second paragraph after this section is the line between problem and the solution for your paper. You should never add so many paragraphs here to push the first subheading past page 4.

The last paragraph in the introduction summarizes everything you will do in the rest of your introduction. You should briefly describe all the major theoretical stances, introduces the major hypothesis will defend, and outline the contribution of your paper.

The first subheading

The first subheading is the most important concept or theory that you need to discuss. It is foundational to all the other things you are going to talk about with the exception of the hows.

The first paragraph within a subheading summarizes all the arguments you are going to make in the remainder of the section under this sub heading.

Middle paragraphs within a subheading should all be written to support the points in the first paragraph in the section. Resist the urge to write a story and only support the points you have mentioned already.

The last paragraph within a subsection is no different from earlier paragraphs. Remember this is not a story, each of these paragraphs support the first.

The second subheading

This subheading is an example of leading up to the hypotheses. This is one of two formats you should take to support your hypotheses. Under a hypotheses leading sub heading, you should introduce the relationship between the first paragraph and then lead up to the specific hypothesis with supporting points.

The final paragraph before your hypothesis should most directly support what you are proposing and what you summarized in the first paragraph.

The third subheading

This subheading is an example of what to do when you have multiple hypotheses in the same general topic area but would require different research support. You can use same general format for the first paragraph with the subheading introduces the overall area while the paragraph before each hypothesis provides the most valid support for that hypothesis.

This approach implies that the two-hypothesis share a common research lit, discussed in the first paragraph, but diverges in the specific evidence cited to support each.

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