Interesting Music Research Paper Topics: 25 Fresh Examples

When choosing a topic for your research paper on music, you won’t lack good ideas. Music is a very broad subject, and you should focus on just one aspect of it. You may write about different music styles, dig deeper in the history of music, trace the impact of music on people, study biographies of famous composers, etc. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you are really interested in the issue.

General Music Research Paper Topics

  1. How does music influence children’s cognitive skills?
  2. How does music affect different areas of the brain?
  3. How can music be used to cure people of heart diseases?
  4. What is the role of music in advertising?
  5. How can musical improvisation be used to treat patients with mental disorders?
  6. How does background music affect attention and how can this knowledge be applied in schools?
  7. Do musical preferences of a person depend on his or her religious views?
  8. Why do people with savant syndrome frequently demonstrate profound musical skills?
  9. Research Paper Topics about the History of Music and Its Cultural Development

  10. What musical genres appeared during the Middle Ages?
  11. What are the main features of folk music in a specific country?
  12. What are the origins of the blues?
  13. How did jazz music appear? What are the main features of this music style?
  14. What are the roots of the national anthem of your country?
  15. How are rap music and hip hop culture related to each other?
  16. Will you analyze the development of classical music in the beginning of the twentieth century?
  17. How did rock and roll music change the world?
  18. Will you trace the history of rock music? What players and groups contributed to the development of this music style the most?
  19. Research Paper Topics about Composers and Performers

  20. What is the role of Richard Wagner in the development of opera?
  21. What was Chopin’s approach to the education of musicians?
  22. How can the works of modern composers be characterized? What common features do they have and what current trends do they reveal?
  23. How did Verdi contribute to music and what other composers did he affect?
  24. How can the musical style of Beethoven be described? What is he famous for?
  25. When did Bach work and how did it affect his style?
  26. What is the role of rhythm in the compositions by Igor Stravinski?
  27. Who is your favorite singer? What are the reasons for his or her popularity?

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