How To Complete A Research Paper On Feminism In Literature

Feminism in literature is an excellent field for study. In the past, it has gone through a number of stages each of which has its distinctive features and outstanding representatives such as Mary Wollstonecraft or Simone de Beauvoir. Moreover, feminist literature is booming now which turns writing a research paper on it into an exciting work.

Feminism Literature: How to Write a Research Paper

  • Choose a topic.
  • Choose a topic which doesn’t leave you indifferent and brings associations in your mind. You may, for example, dive into treatment of female characters in novels or take a closer look at female literature canons. Also, the social and financial status of feminist writers could be a good subject. There have been three waves of feminism literature, the last of which extends to the present. Choose a period or an author which appeals to you most. Thus you’ll be able to turn your work into an enthusiastic study rather than just retelling other people’s thoughts.

  • Find information.
  • Use all tools available. If you are not familiar with any feminist literature works, it’s not necessary to set about reading them in original. Search for some abridged versions or read reviews. The quality of information is more important than its quantity, so make sure you use comprehensive and authoritative sources.

  • State your thesis.
  • Make a clear statement that would allow the reader to grasp what your work is about. Use only those arguments in your study which directly support your statement. Thus you will avoid ambiguity.

  • Make an outline.
  • To ensure the integrity and consistency of your study, make an outline. Your paper should consist of three parts (introduction, body and conclusion) and have a logical flow of information.

  • Write a first draft.
  • Having made an outline, organize your notes and start writing a first draft. Expound your thoughts on every topic in your outline supporting them with quotations wherever needed.

  • Revise your draft.
  • Having written a first draft, revise it paying attention to logic and completeness of your thoughts. Also, check it on grammar errors.

  • Write final paper.
  • Before setting about to writing, read your assignment sheet again to make sure your paper meets all requirements. Writing, pay special attention to punctuation and avoid repetition of words. Having completed, proofread your work.


The earliest examples of feminism literature date back to the 15th century and the authors include both men and women. Still, there are issues which are addressed in almost every feminist book: the difference between gender and sex, equality, etc. Those can’t be left out in your research paper, because they characterize the phenomenon as a whole.

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