A Manual For Composing A Great Research Paper Introduction Section

A great research paper should have a strong introduction section. The readers need it in order to understand what the paper is about and why they should read it. So, your task is to attract the attention of the audience and demonstrate the focus of research. It’s necessary to provide the key information about the subject matter and avoid general knowledge. The following manual materials explain how to compose a top-quality introduction for a research paper:

  • Create a catchy opening sentence.
  • The first sentence of the introduction section is important because you have only one chance to make the first impression. On the Web, students can find plenty of materials about how to make this sentence memorable and easy to understand. It’s recommended to mention something surprising about your research topic or subject matter. You shouldn’t provide irrelevant information or a well-known fact.

  • Formulate a solid thesis statement.
  • Composing a good thesis statement of your research paper takes time. Typically, a thesis statement is an answer to your study question. Make sure that your argument is concise and unbiased. It’s advisable to keep it short and describe your main idea in a single sentence. Remember that a widely known fact can’t be a thesis statement, so you should consider something that you’ll need to prove throughout the paper.

  • Introduce your topic.
  • An introduction section should get the audience familiar with the topic, so your task is to select important information about the topic and subject matter. Typically, students include vital characteristics of the subject, issues for further consideration, and ideas they want to develop in their writing. Your readers should get enough background information in order to understand everything that you’re going to write about further in the work.

  • Make an effective transition.
  • Your introduction section sets the tone of your writing. If you want your readers to make a smooth transition to the main chapters, you should end your introduction with an effective transition sentence. It provides a reason for your audience to keep reading your research paper. You should demonstrate that your work is worth studying. If you procrastinate and don’t know how to compose a solid transitional sentence, you can look for good samples on the Internet.

  • Revise and correct mistakes.
  • You should never submit academic writing before you revise it and correct mistakes. Your supervisor will lower your grade if he or she receives an assignment with grammar and spelling mistakes, so you should plan some time for proofreading it. If you have trouble finding mistakes in own writing, you might ask your classmates to read your research paper and find errors.

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