A Great Selection Of High School Term Paper Ideas

The best part about a term paper in high school is that it doesn’t have to be overly detailed and the game is changing. High school term papers are usually exploratory, which means that they aim at the student gaining a more profound knowledge of their subject before embarking on the journey of higher education in college. However, that does not give you a ticket to getting away with substandard work on any given topic. Since you are going to be conducting intensive research on a topic of your choice, make it one that you are really interested in. To help you along, here is a great selection of high school term paper ideas.

A great selection of ideas for high school term papers:

  1. Exploring the Salem Witch Trials: Unjustified Discrimination at its height
  2. The Civil War and its Repercussions
  3. Gladiators and their History
  4. How did the Industrial Revolution impact the world?
  5. Jacob Lawrence and his depiction of the Great Migration
  6. The Great Depression
  7. A Case Study on Coca-Cola: the most closely guarded marketing secret in history
  8. Life in America after 9/11
  9. Depiction and Interpretation of the September 11 attacks in various media
  10. Emerging Economies of the world
  11. India-US Relations
  12. US-Pakistan Relations
  13. Content analysis of Reality Shows: What impact do they have on the average American’s psyche?
  14. America and its obsession with coffee
  15. The rise in crime rates in American Schools/Universities
  16. Health Care in America
  17. Walmart and its impact on the economy
  18. The emergence of smartphones as go-to learning tools
  19. Bring Your Own Device System: how does it impact learning in school?
  20. What careers are the average American students usually interested in?

These topics, of course, were majorly related to art, history, sociology and economy. However, you can also explore some in other fields, such as Science (Black Holes, Understanding the String Theory, Dark Matter). Just remember, the main aim of a high school term paper is to encourage learning and inculcate an interest in reading and analytical habits. Working hard on your term paper may not only be good for your grades but may also prepare you for the rigorous curriculum that awaits you in college. Therefore, haul out those library cards and laptops, and use them to make a difference on your schoolwork!

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