Organizing An APA Research Paper: 8 Things You Should Consider

One of the most popular formatting styles that colleges and universities use is the APA formatting style. The American Psychological Association designed this format. It is used as an academic format so that all of the papers can be judged on the same playing field. It makes sure that they are easy to read. Since the font size is 12 points, all of the papers can be the same length. Teachers can assign page numbers and get around the same amount of content. If one student is using a 10 pt. font and then another is using a 16 pt. font, the content amount would be different if the instructor just gave a page amount request. Here are 8 things to consider when you are organizing your paper in this format.

  1. Use a template
  2. To ensure that you are properly formatting your paper, you can use a template. They have many templates available that you can use. You would simply put the information into the various fields. It is a great way to get started.

  3. Get an example
  4. Use an example to help you understand how the paper should look. An example will give you a good idea of what the end product will look like.

  5. Read the guide
  6. There is an APA guide that you can obtain and use to write the paper properly. It will show you how to format the paper and how to format the citations.

  7. Use a professional service
  8. You can choose a professiona writing service. These companies will be able to help you write your paper properly.

  9. Main formatting tips
  10. Some main formatting tips to help you format your paper correctly:

    • Times New Roman
    • 12 pt. font
    • Double space
    • Separate title page
    • Properly cited in APA format for sources in text and in the bibliography
  11. Title page
  12. The title page should include the name of your paper, your name, the instructor’s name, the name of the school, your instructor’s name, and the date. They should be centered on the first page and double spaced.

  13. Header
  14. Every page should have a header that includes the name of your paper flush left and the page number flush right.

  15. Reference page
  16. The reference page should be separate from the text and should contain properly cited sources.

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