How To Create A Good Research Paper Conclusion: A Quick Guide

Writing a research paper might be new for you. You may not know the requirements of a good research paper because this is your first time. Unlike other academic papers will not require formatting, critical thinking, data analysis, evaluation, or following a standard structure like term or research papers. Even though essay assignments follow, a certain format, but they are simple and all of the essays follow a same traditional format of introduction, body, and conclusion. Term papers on the other hand, require different sections and proper formatting for each. Different teachers and institutes have different requirements for receiving the paper that they convey to the students. If you want to write a winning paper, then you need to keep these requirements in your mind. You may want to note them down on a neat paper so that you can easily refer back to it when needed.

A research paper requires the students to carry out a literature review to understand the background of the subject as well as gather relevant data to come up with the right level of information in their assignment. Students need to follow a certain research methodology to stay on the right track and get the required results. The conclusion is the last section of your paper before the citations and appendix depending upon the format you are using for the paper. This section is precise and brief and must be able to summarize your entire paper in a paragraph or two depending upon the requirements from your teacher.

If you are not sure how to write a good conclusion, then you need to follow the given instructions.

  1. Read your paper several times before you actually write the conclusion. This will give you an idea of the overall direction of your paper. Even if you decided a certain direction before writing the paper, there might be a slight change depending upon the data and examples you use in the paper. Therefore it is better to read your entire paper a few times.
  2. Write all the major points that you want to restate and emphasis through your research. You must restate all these points in your conclusion.
  3. Avoid introducing any new ideas at this stage because that will only confuse your readers. You need to give a summary of what is already present in your paper.

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