Great Suggestions For Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering is an applied science researching how existing scientific, economic, and social knowledge can be practically used to develop, invent, construct, and improve processes, machines, devices, and systems. This is a very broad discipline that is both interesting and complicated. There are several sub-disciplines in it. Any of them is worth further research because engineering is special science that is constantly developing. Therefore, lots of marvelous issues can be easily brought to light.

Your research paper topic should be carefully thought out. Remember that it should be applied in a creative and practical way. Here is a list of great topics in different niches of the engineering science. Choose any of the suggestions below or use them to boost your inspiration and come up with your own original topic idea. To make a strong research paper, pick an issue that is interesting, manageable, and narrow enough.

Chemical engineering

  • A new view of existing petroleum refining techniques: problems and solutions.
  • Fighting negative effects of the ocean acidification process on the sea urchins: new solutions.
  • New designs of implementing physical and chemical reactions to check the quality of dairy products.
  • Growing crystals at high temperature and pressure: a critical analysis of existing methods.
  • Exploring modern wet (chemical) etching techniques in the microfabrication process.
  • Analyzing techniques of producing a new pharmaceutical drug: looking for strengths and weaknesses.

Civil engineering

  • New applications of biochar in the road construction: advantages, problems, and new suggestions.
  • Exploring the capability requirements of construction organizations in the post-disaster response.
  • Bridge construction versus bridge reconstruction in the post-disaster response: analyzing differences in the project management.
  • Recycled machines for the road and pavement construction: analyzing efficiency and durability.
  • Transforming hydrological information into sound: exploring novel designs.
  • Water supply in rural areas of your country: addressing possible problems.

Electrical engineering

  • E-tutoring systems: novel designs and problems encountered.
  • Development of intelligent transportation systems for travelers: problems and solutions.
  • Studying human fingerprints: new developments in biometric technologies.
  • Identifying people‚Äôs identities through their voices: analyzing possible verification technologies.
  • Controlling linear and non-linear systems in wind turbines: problems and solutions.
  • Processing data on smartphones: looking for the most efficient designs.

Mechanical engineering

  • Improving acoustic designs of tsunami warning systems.
  • Novel robotic devices to train children with muscular disorders.
  • New developments to stop noise transmission in cars, aircrafts, and houses.
  • Exploring modern methods of modeling fluid flows.
  • Researching interface of physiotherapy robots: looking for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Constructing an energy harvesting system or the useful application of kinetic energy from human motion.

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