A List Of Interesting European History Research Paper Topics

The most common issue that research students had to face is picking up an interesting and most informative topic. This is the primary step that any student has to pass through. If you are a research student and facing this traumatic stage, have a look at the list below that bless you remarkable European History research paper topics.

  1. What were the consequences of Plato attacks that took place in 360 BC? How it affected Athenian democracy in the Republic?
  2. Discuss the end of Alexander’s life? Talk about the fragmentation of Macedonian’s Empire in 323 BC?
  3. What was the mystery behind the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 BC? Was Roman Republic the reason behind it?
  4. How Roman Empire was established under the rule of Octavian in 27BC?
  5. How Constantine was successful in making Constantinople as his capital? What is the story of a new Rome?
  6. What was the reason behind permanent splitting of eastern and western empires of Theodosius? Why his death became primary reason for this?
  7. Discuss the progress & setbacks of 17th century that European Jews had to pass through?
  8. Why 18th century is considered as the time of enlightenment for East European Jews? How this phase emphasized on equal rights?
  9. How the early phase of 19th century was the time of emancipation & renewed persecutions whereas the late 19th century was the span of augmented anti-Semitic attitudes?
  10. How finish of World War-I resulted in dispersing of Jews and making them vulnerable? Why it became the reason of anti- Semitic persecutions? Discuss the case in reference of history of Judaism East Europe.
  11. What is Alfred Dreyfs affair? How he became accountable for dividing the nation? How his case extended anti- Semitism in the country France?
  12. What was the structure of Aztec Military organization? Discuss the topic in terms of military training and the function of Aztec military society. Was Aztecs army was a professional one or a non- professional one? How? Compare his army with Spanish military in terms of encounter that took place in 16th century. Why Aztec’s army could not match with professional standards of European era even though it had a complex and a professional organization?
  13. Why Justinian was crowned as the emperor of Byzantium?
  14. Why Charlemagne was crowned as Roman emperor of Rome?
  15. Why Pope Urban II was called for the first Crusade?

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